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Thoothukudi is a port City situated in the Gulf of Mannar about 125Kms. North of Cape Comorin. Thoothukudi City was elevated as a Corporation on 05.08.2008.  This City Municipal Corporation is spread over an extent of 90.663 sq.kms. and has a population of 3,20,466 as per 2001 census.  Thoothukudi Corporation is divided into 60 wards after its expansion in the year 2011 and these wards are comprised in four zones - (i.e) East,West,North & South. East zone has 14-16 and  19-33 wards, West zone has 34-47 wards, North zone has 1-13 and 17,18 wards and South zone has 48-60 wardsRead More...

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Payment Collection Centres
Thoothukudi Corporation Payment Collection Centres list details for All Zones
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Defaulter's List
Thoothukudi Corporation's Defaulter's List details are available zone wise / ward wise / Amount wise with mode of collection.
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DCB Reports
Thoothukudi Corporation's DCB Reports List details are available Total Demand/ Collection / Balance wise with mode of collection.
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Professional Tax Amendment
In order to avail various services render to the public by this corporation. Citizen charter containing detail.
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