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Water Supply in Thoothukudi Corporation

Thoothukudi is the headquarters of Thoothukudi District in Tamilnadu. The city lies in the coromendal coast of Bay of Bengal. The Thoothukudi City Municipal Council attained the status of corporation (TCMC) on 5th August 2008. The corporation area is 90.66 Sqkm. The population of this corporation as per census 2011 is 376550. The total demand of water is 51 MLD at the rate of 135 lpcd. The source of water to cater the beneficiaries of this city from Thamirabharani river source from Maruthur dam about 44 Km away from the City. The Improvements to Water Supply Scheme executed to caters the needs of Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation as beneficiaries. The project is being implemented to serve the people of TCMC at the rate of 135 lpcd of treated water. The water is pumped from Intake Well to WTP through 1100mm dia MS Pipe for a distance of 10.85KM.


The sophisticated 84MLD Water Treatment Plant consists of the following structural components with suitable mechanical equipments.

  1. Cascade Aerator
  2. Chemical House
  3. Flash Mixer
  4. Dividing Chamber
  5. Clarifloculator
  6. Raw Water Channel
  7. Rapid Sand Filter House
  8. Wash Water Tank (OHT)
  9. Bask Wash Holding Tank
  10. Used Wash Water Recycling Tank
  11. Sludge Balancing Tank
  12. Sludge Thickener I & II
  13. Chlorination Room
  14. Chlorine Contact Tank
  15. Clear Water Sump



The treated clear water has been discharged by gravity through 1200mm dia SWMS pipe for a distance of 25.615 KM from WTP to Thoothukudi City.

The 84 MLD (Intermediate) treated Clear water will be supplied through 13 Feeder Mains by gravity and segregated to 30 Nos of OHT's (22 Nos proposed and 8 Nos existing) with individual valve operation.